From Bricks ‘n Mortar:

China has an abundant supply of r2riches studies. Mr W was born in a village two hours out of Shanghai. His family was large; money scarce. With only an elementary-school education, Mr W aged 14 started working as an apprentice mason. He soon became a foreman.
In the early ’80’s, aged 21, Mr W, formed his own construction team and began bidding for projects. Twenty years later, his booming company had become one of the top private companies in China.
Nine years ago, looking for a sunrise industry, Mr W by then in his early 40’s, with a USD 25m investment, leapt into new media.
Leveraging local Government support and attracting young talent from all over China, Mr W is now declaring that in five years, half his company’s turnover (USD 1.2 B) will come from his new media venture.
When Mr W decides to undertake a project, he doesn’t procrastinate. And he’s not afraid to take risks.
His long-term goal is not only to be dominant in China, but to become one of the largest new media companies in the world.
His second platform is subsumed by the third, with his latest venture; building a massive theme park in China, with an investment of USD 500m.
Not yet 50, Mr W’s star continues to rise, unrestrained by his beginnings as an apprentice mason with no formal education beyond elementary school.
Mr Wu has stringent goals for his new venture – a focus on creativity; a unique cultural style. The number of visitors, boundless creativity; the return on investment has to be better than foreign benchmarks and achieved more quickly.

This is the man now looking at investment in Australia. Will it be new media, commercial projects, mining or infrastructure development; all options are on the table.

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