Pharmaceutical entrepreneurs:

The YD’s are an interesting couple. They obtained a pharmaceutical license in China in 1980, just after Deng Xiaoping declared, “to be rich is glorious!”. Their province was not bound up in business development regulations at that time – they were fortunate.
They came to Australia open to investing in a range number of SME businesses in metropolitan and rural areas.
They are an interesting, low key couple; no ostentation, they dress simply; are friendly and open to advice and personal views on Australia.
They are proud of what they have achieved, but are anxious to move into this next phase of their lives.
Ms YD at the time of the company inception was teaching in an area of medicine in a local university; her partner (surprisingly) was a Philosophy professor.
In the early 1980’s the door opened slightly and they moved quickly. They worked tirelessly since that time and less than 12 months ago sold the company to a well known pharmaceutical MNC.
It is one thing to meet and discuss criteria in China, entirely another to travel around Australia meet various business people, discuss opportunities and absorb the lifestyle.
They frequently remark – “this is the life – this is how to live! We have never taken time off, how do we learn to live like this?”
Interesting question this – that it could be challenging to learn to relax?

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