Investing in Vineyards

Mr Z is an entrepreneur from a small city outside of Shanghai. He is worth USD 200 m. He runs a successful private textile manufacturing business established 15 years ago.
Late 40’s; he thinks fast, moves fast. He is always looking for the gap, the break on his competitors.
Naturally, he is open to moving into new markets, new industries, new segments.
He had expressed interest in purchasing a vineyard in Australia. In five days he saw what he wanted to see and he returned to China.
The vineyard will be only part of his Australian portfolio.
He will of course employ a local management team in Australia.
Mr Z represents a large segment of street smart and fast moving investors.
He doesnt rely upon screeds of financial and opportunity sensitivity analysis.
A potential investment is seen in the simplest of terms.
Is is making money – is it profitable?
How can I add value?
What will it cost me?
Decision made.
In five years he will retire – but, not now!

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